The Women's Club

Great Pumpkin Clues 2014

1. As the leaves fall it will get harder (the leaves can cover it as they fall)

2. Off the black top (It is in the woods, not on the street)

3. If you need a map, come get one at the station (We have maps at the station that they can use)

4. You have to use your feet (you have to walk on the trails)

5. You need a leash for only part of the way (beginning of the trails you need to have your dog on the leash, after that you can let them off)

6. 7 is the lucky number (7 parking spots available at the trail head)

7. You can hear the electricity in the air (Power lines along the trail that you can hear)

8. If you can see the M, you have gone too far (If you get to the river you can see the M, too far)

9. Don’t get your feet wet (If you get to the river, you have gone too far)

 Included in this year's Great Pumpkin:

  • $500 gold coin - Grizzly Gold and Silver
  • $500 cash - Jerry's Transmission
  • $250 Certificate – Speedy Glass
  • $100 Gift Card – Jakers Bar and Grill
  • $100 worth of Gift Cards – Mustard Seed/Noodle Express
  • $88 worth of services – South Campus Laundry
  • $80 worth of Gift Cards – Summer Sun Garden & Brew
  • $70 worth of services (Lube, oil & filter change & Tire balance & rotation) - Midas
  • $60 worth of swag - Red’s Bar (men’s shirt, ladies shirt, hat)
  • $50 Gift Card – The Montana Club
  • $50 Punch Card – Magic Touch Car Wash
  • $50 worth of free sandwich cards – The Pita Pit
  • $50 worth of washes (car and dog) – Happy Day’s
  • $50 Gift Card – Jokers Wile
  • $50 worth of certificates – The Walking Moustache
  • $40 Gift Certificate – Howard’s Pizza
  • $30 Gift Card – The Silk Road
  • 1 Large Round Ice Cream Cake – Coldstone Creamery ($29.99 value)
  • $25 Gift Card – Big Sky Brewing Company 

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